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I can't wait and want to discovery books right away, how?

On the upper left corner of your browser, we put a logo button. If clicked, Book Discovery will try to discovery books for the current web page. You will see recommended books shortly on notification box.

Can Book Discovery recommend Kindle book?

Yes, of course. Book Discovery recommends book regardless of book binding, version, and other factors that are not related to book content. You can see binding information if you move your mouse over book's title. Don't worry if you don't see Kindle version in discovered book list. Just click book link to check its detail in, and you will find all binding options and offers.

I'd like the book notification show up less frequently, how?

When book notification shows up, there is an "Option" menu at the upper right corner. You can use "Options->Recommendation frequency" setting to tune recommendation to less frequent. This option is accumulative, so select it multiple times if you want to make recommendation even less frequent.

Why I didn't see any book recommended?

There are a couple of reasons that no book appear as discovered. First, to prevent Book Discovery from using system resources unnecessarily, Book Discovery automatically passes over web site that does not meet its minimum recommendation criteria, such as web site that has little text content, site that is index site or web directory. Also, to respect user privacy, Book Discovery will disable itself for website starting with https://. Second, Book Discovery covers only English book and web site at this moment.

Why your discovery is not "accurate" ?

Well, by definition discovery won't be accurate. As we pointed out earlier, Book Discovery is not a book search engine. When you have specific keyword or term in mind and want to find related books, search engine would be your best choice.

There are billions of web pages, and each of them has either no or multiple topics that could relate to books. Book Discovery is basically trying to guess your mind and what topic you like, so please allow us to make mistakes guessing and enjoy the surprise if you love a book out of our recommendation.

Do I have to be in United State to use Book Discovery?

No. We support United States, Canada, and United Kingdom. After books are discovered and presented, you will be given choice to view them in different country. Currently we support only Amazon locales that are in English.

Will Book Discovery make my computer running very slow?

No. Book Discovery maintains minimum footprint in user's computer and consumes little system resources, because most of the heavy-lifting algorithm is done on Google's cloud computing platform. It also has enough intelligence to decide not to do anything when books are unlike to be discovered for current web site.

How can I recall books discovered earlier?

If you still have web page that triggered Book Discovery open, but Book Discovery notification disappears (we set it time out in a while to avoid occupying too much user viewing space), simply refresh the web page (hit F5 in PC), and discovery notification box will re-appear with the same books. Similarly, hit refresh to bring back book sharing box that were there before.

Why are you doing this (what's the catch) ?

We're doing these services because we are book lovers. We read lot of books and constantly look for the next book to read. We tried to find similar service, but there was no service has the flexibility and intelligence we wanted. Therefore, we decided to build these services by ourselves and released them for the good of all book lovers.

The development and operation costs of these services are partially recovered by a small commission via Amazon Affiliate Program, when you buy book through our links. The book price you pay would be the same regardless of whether you used these sevices or not.

How my privacy is protected? Is Book Discovery secure?

Book Discovery takes great efforts to protect your privacy. No user generated data, identity, personal, or other sensitive information is involved in Book Discovery's algorithm. The sources codes goes thought Mozilla review process. Book Discovery only get you books and that is it - no spyware, adware. If you're a web developer, you can follow these steps to review all our source code.

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