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Burke Mountain Studio was founded by entrepreneurs who are dedicated to bringing more intelligence to the Internet and freeing people from Information overload. We feel many of the dilemma as depicted in The Shallow, by Nicolas Carr, are very true for people living in this Internet times. We hope our efforts could help to dissolve many dilemma.

Founders of the studio currently reside in metro Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada. Key member graduated from University of California at Berkeley and shares close tie to the Silicon Valley.


We have been constantly improving this free service, and many new features come from feedbacks by user like you. We're eager to hear from you: please drop us a note

In The News

Directory Journal - 30 of the Best Firefox Extensions to Make Browsing Better by J. Mattern on January 31, 2011

"...Book Discovery — Looking for some new books to read? Why not let your browsing history serve as a basis for researching new books? That’s what the Book Discovery extension does for you. Just click the icon in your toolbar that looks like a stack of books and you’ll get a book recommendation list to check out...""

A Facebook User - user comment by Fred on April, 2013

"...I've been using your service for a couple of weeks and I really like it. It has discovered three new books in my subject area that I didn't know about before and I hope to learn of even more new titles in the future. Thank you so much for doing this!..."

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